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More about Israel

And here is what happens in the absence of global institutions:

US warns Israel over unilateral action

The United States has warned Israel against taking any unilateral measures to separate itself from Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

...The United States "would oppose any unilateral steps that block the road towards negotiations under the roadmap that leads to the two-state vision," said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.

Global karma biting us in the ass? Maybe just a little bit.

This sounds like a legit approach on Israel's behalf to me. Their position would be much better if they become as extricated as possible from Palestinian space but nothing happens on the Palestinian side to dismantle militant organizations, or keep them from attacking Israelis.
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I think the USS Liberty has proved that Israel will take unilateral action when it feels it vital to its own national interest, irregardless of US positioning.
Good point! Let's see how it play out this time.
to be fair, I was oversimplifying diplomacy and national security. All the same however, I still feel very in line with the oversimplification.
It's a sane bit of diplomacy on Israels part; the recent statements by Qurei have been less-than willing, and the conditions he's placing on negotiations taking place are really cosmetic issues that have no place being talked about (save the wall, within reason - I'd prefer personally to see it being built on the Green line rather than over it). If he continues balking, I have a feeling we're going to have a VERY Chekovian ending to this all, in ways, a Berlin-Wall effect, but with a darker twist.
This is what a lack of leadership gets ya. HEY GEORGEIE? When you're done pleasing your oil friends, would ya mind doing something that matters?